13 Jul 2008

May the gods scatter it to the winds!

She's divine.  When she smiles, she brings in happiness to the surrounding.  I have always wantded to be with her.  Seeing her face alone filled me with joy.  When I sit beside her, my soul is contented; it doesn't ask for anything else.  The moment I say bye and walk away, it sinks in gloomy loneliness which burns my nights.  I could ask her to be with me; but I know it's like asking Brahmaputra to sleep in my cave,  just because I like it.
All I can see is my tears.  I can't say why I weep.  Maybe I'm glad I'll remember her till I die.  Maybe I'm longing to be with her right now.  Maybe I'm afraid she'll leave me.  Maybe all the unspoken words spill through my eyes.  Before my want for her burns me alive, may the gods scatter it to the winds!