29 Jan 2009


Yesterday, I was thinking about the line "தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா" from an ancient Tamil poem.  It occurred to me that this line summarizes about maybe 80% of all self-help books.  I thought, almost all self-help books can be summarized to "It's your responsibility; take ownership of your life".

Today morning I woke up a little early and I had to wait for my cab after getting ready for work.  After about 15 minutes in the cab, I felt bored and started wondering if the whole day is kinda spoiled, because of that boredom.  I thought of the days when I used to take my bike to work.  Back then I had control over when I go to office.  I didn't have to hurry up or wait in the morning.  As I was getting ready to blame the cab for me being lethargic at work, I remembered what I had thought yesterday.  Yes, there's no point in blaming cabs for my problems.  Okay, time to get back to work :)

8 Jan 2009

Me back at work!

Jan 2nd 2009 was the first working day of this year.  I decided to start going to work again from that date.  (I'm going to office with my walker.)  I've been going to work for a few days now and I want to share what the experience is like.

Earlier I used to go to work with my bike.  Now I cannot even walk on my own, so I use cabs provided by the company.  Cab drivers are very caring -- they would help me with my bag, they would take my walker and help me get off the car, and all.

In the office, if someone sees me walking around with a walker, they would stop to help me.  It's not unusual for people to wait for 15 or 20 seconds holding a door for me.  I just say a "Thank You" and pass.  That's all I could do I guess.  Even in places where I have to be on my own (e.g. when I am walking to somewhere, to see someone for instance), people offer to help.

Walking 50 metre with a walker is not an easy job, unlike I had thought before coming to work.  My thigh (of the good leg), my palms, my shoulders would all hurt.  Yesterday, a coworker saw me when I was on my way to the washroom.  Maybe she could sense my pain.  She herself talked to our facilities team and got a wheel chair for my use inside office building!

Yesterday I was walking towards the area where cabs to Mehdipatnam are parked.  I still had about 30 metre or so to cover.  The person who manages cabs saw me struggling with the walker and asked me to use a cab that was parked close by.  They don't generally do this -- he made an exception for me, without even me asking for it!

Ajay, a teammate, is so so sweet and helpful.  He brings food for me everyday to my desk.  He offers to get water and snacks for me.  If he sees me going somewhere he would push my chair to wherever I am going.  He makes my life in office much easier.  I am glad and grateful that he is with me.

With so many people to help me, I am moving around inside office with the wheel chair.  The whole accident--fracture--hospitalization--bed rest--recovery story is quite an experience, I'd say :)

1 Jan 2009

Just for the heck of it

... I'm joining these two Orkut communities: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=37480419 and http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=17810915.  It's kinda funny though, to see communities like this.

Yesterday as I was coming back from the hospital, I was thinking about the year that was about to end.  2008 was an eventful year.  I don't remember much of what happened in 2008; but as the year ends, I think I am happy :)

In 2008, I went crazy about bikes.  Went crazy about a girl.  Wrote much more than I usually write.  Read more than I usually read.  Did much less work than I usually do.  Discovered a little more about myself.  Had my first surgery.  Asked a lot of help from my friends.  And a lot more happened; I forget now.

Let's see how 2009 turns out to be!