1 Jan 2009

Just for the heck of it

... I'm joining these two Orkut communities: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=37480419 and http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=17810915.  It's kinda funny though, to see communities like this.

Yesterday as I was coming back from the hospital, I was thinking about the year that was about to end.  2008 was an eventful year.  I don't remember much of what happened in 2008; but as the year ends, I think I am happy :)

In 2008, I went crazy about bikes.  Went crazy about a girl.  Wrote much more than I usually write.  Read more than I usually read.  Did much less work than I usually do.  Discovered a little more about myself.  Had my first surgery.  Asked a lot of help from my friends.  And a lot more happened; I forget now.

Let's see how 2009 turns out to be!


  1. Happy new year Manki... get better soon, and may 2009 be even more evolving for you.. and blissful!

  2. Happy new year, Afrin! You know what? I am planing to work from tomorrow. A nice way to start a new year, no? :)

  3. Well your definition of "usually read/write" should get modified now. :) Good that you plan to be back to work. Have a great surgery-free 2009!