22 Dec 2008

Knee story continued

3 weeks after I broke my knee, I realised I couldn't bend my leg at all.  The physiotherapist said that it was because I hadn't moved my leg or used my knee for 3 weeks continuously.  The knee just won't move or bend and I have to do some physiotherapy exercises to slowly make the knee functional again.  It's kinda funny -- A joint that had been functional for about 9450 days was kept idle for just 21 days and it became completely dysfunctional!

My mom used to work as a nurse.  I have seen people being so affectionate to her.  Some patients, when they leave the hospital after being treated for a few weeks, would gift her something.  "You took care of my son so well.  Today he is doing good and we are going home.  Please accept this as a token of our appreciation and love," they would say.  Now, I see this physiotherapist perform his magic on my leg.  Every day my leg gets better -- it bends a little further or my leg can do something it wasn't able to do.  I can't express that happiness in words -- seeing your body starting to work again is an experience of its own kind.  Now I think I can completely empathize with all those people who loved my mom.  Guess I love this physiotherapist like they all loved my mom! :)

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