11 Dec 2008

Lessons learned

This accident has taught me a few things:
  • At least in India, you can't live alone at all.  When some incident like this happens, everyone asks you "who is with you?"  Hospitals may not even admit you to be hospitalized, if you are alone (I think).
  • Even if you are asking someone in your immediate family, it's not easy to ask "Will you give me your blood for my surgery?"
  • You put load on any of your bone for more than a few days continuously, that bone gets weaker and weaker.  I was lying down on the bed for 4 days and my back hurt.  I used to support myself with my elbows.  In a few days I couldn't even keep my elbows on the bed!
  • Human body is a very complex system.  Each part performs so many other things than what meets eyes.
  • When old people (and sick people) say the food you cooked tastes terrible, don't take it as a complaint.  Due to their physical conditions, they cannot find the real taste of any food.  Be kind to them.
  • As I always use to think, people are good, in general.
  • There is a reason behind having "visiting hours" in hospitals.
  • People visiting you at the hospital make you feel very good.  Especially when they are joking and laughing with you.
  • Don't try to surprise a bed-ridden patient by surprise visits; the patient might surprise you instead.  And it may not be a pleasant experience for the patient.
  • If you are bed-ridden for a month or more, everyone would tell you to "use the break to its fullest" by watching movies and reading books.  It sounds nice to hear all that you can do with the time you have.  But the doctors ask you to be on bed for a reason -- mostly you will be spending time taking care of your body and you'll hardly find time for other activities.
  • My English professor once said that nature is slow and hence learning is also a slow process.  So is healing, I think.  When you are a patient, you have to have lots of patience.  No disease or wound heals overnight.
  • Even if you are an adult, in your mother's eyes you are still a kid.  This is one such time when you realise it and be thankful for it.
  • It's better to have insurance but not need it, than to need insurance but not have it.  (I must thank my company for my medical insurace.)

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