8 Oct 2007

Suddenly I have a question. About me. Am I a hypocrite? May be. Or may be not. I brag all the time that I respect others. Well, until now I believed that I had respect for others. Now, I am not very sure if I can still say the same thing about me. I use all kind of swear words. Most of the times I don't mean those words when I use them. But, I really do get pissed off when I see some incompetently developed software (which I have to use for some reason). In several posts of this blog, I have complained that some random software developer did something stupid to make me unhappy. One of my colleagues asked me a few days back: "Is there any software that you really like?" when I was cursing Adobe Reader for it's stupid behaviour on the print dialogue. I hate Hyderabad mainly because all the time I have something to complain about the people of Hyderabad. What do this all mean? Do I have no respect for people whom I don't see face-to-face? Am I a hypocrite when I say "I have respect for other people"? Possibly. If you have spent some time with me and you think you have something to say about me/this post, please write back. Oh yes, I encourage you to be brutally honest.