24 Jan 2010

Dream of a Ridiculous Man

An excerpt from Dostoevsky's The Dream of a Ridiculous Man:
For instance, there suddenly came to me a strange consideration, that if I had once lived on the moon or on Mars, and had committed some most shameful and dishonorable act there, such as can only be imagined, and had been abused and dishonored for it as one can only perhaps feel and imagine in a dream, a nightmare, and if, ending up later on earth, I continued to preserve an awareness of what I had done on the other planet, and knew at the same time that I would never ever return there, then, looking from the earth to the moon—would it make any difference to me, or not?  Would I feel shame for the act, or not?

14 Jan 2010

Relationship Doctor's report says 'Coma'

I gave you a new name after we fought.
A name I used every time I talked about you.
Then we saw once.  Accidentally, I must say.
Saying a Hello might stir up dust again.
We consciously avoided facing each other.
I don't know what was between us before.
I don't know what is between us now.
Only thing that I know is
I can't call you that name anymore.

6 Jan 2010

Frozen tabs in Chrome

Every now and then a few web pages freeze on Chrome.  Especially Gmail.  I hate it when that happens.  But it's not a bug in Chrome itself.  It's a problem with the Flash plugin.  (This happens to me on my Ubuntu machine; I don't know if it's the same case in Windows too.)

When you see only a few web pages freezing and you think the freezing pages use Flash, just restart Flash and everything will be back to normal.  Here's how to do it:

  • Right click on the tab bar and choose Task Manager. Or press Shift+Esc.
  • Select the item Plugin: Shockwave Flash.
  • Press End process button.
  • You will have to refresh Gmail and any other frozen web pages.  If you see a yellow banner saying "The following plugin crashed" on any tab, refresh the tab, and the tab will reconnect with the crashed plugin.
That's it.  Now everything should be back to normal.  Until Flash goes mad again ;)

Mistakes to avoid when wearing contact lenses

I got my contact lens a couple days back, and wearing them every morning is quite a task.  Starting the day with loads of tears in your eyes doesn't always feel good, does it?

In these two days, I've learned a little about wearing contacts.  Here are the most important mistakes I am making.

  • Pulling the finger off too soon.  After I put the lens on the eye's surface, I pull my finger off the eye too soon.  After putting the lens on the eye, I should give it a few seconds for the lens to stick to the eyes.
  • Keeping the finger tip too wet.  If my finger is too wet with the cleaning solution, lens sticks hard to my finger tip and it won't stick to the eye.  I should always wipe my finger tip dry before I touch the lens.
  • Closing the eye too soon.  After I put the lens in my eye, my eyelids close to protect the eye, which is natural.  However, if the eyelids close before the lens settles in the eye, the lens falls off.  Keeping the eye wide open for a little more is the key.

3 Jan 2010

Random Thoughts: Pissed off?

When you're pissed off with someone, ask yourself if you have paused your life.  Resuming life is almost always the solution that's both good for you and your relationship with the other person.

Update (Jan 4, 2010 5.35pm): Similar to pausing the life when something "bad" happens, we might pause the life when something "good" happens too.  However good it might feel to pause life when you feel nice, it's almost always good to move on.  Live your life -- don't stop, and don't pause.