7 Sept 2006

Google helped me to help Yahoo!

I have always wanted to use the *latest* products. I don't generally mind using beta or even alpha versions of software. Here's my experience with Yahoo! Mail Beta and Yahoo! Help. I usually keep my mailboxes open in Firefox. Whenever new mails come to my mailboxes, I don't take long to check them out. Today, when the new Yahoo! Mail beta changed its page title to reflect the arrival of a new mail, I clicked on its Firefox tab to read the mail. There, I found the first bug. The UI was not consistent as you see in this picture. Well.. bugs are not unusual in any software. So, I wanted to report this bug to Yahoo! so that they can do something about this. I clicked on their Help link, and tried to figure out feedback page using their search feature. I typed in "mail beta feedback" as my query. And, here is the result I got: What the heck.. I am not searching for a person named "mail beta feedback." I had to get back to my trusted friend to search for Yahoo's feedback page. Oh yeah.. the first link Google suggested had the information I wanted. Now I understand why "googling" has become a verb in English, while other search companies are still struggling to get their place on the web. Thanks to Google!!