16 Jun 2014

Things that surprise(d) me

Certain things surprised me when I found them out for the first time.
  • I used to enjoy being miserable. Only wanting to not be miserable was sufficient to start being happy.
  • It takes effort to relax. By default we’re stressed both physically and mentally. (It takes awareness, to be precise. But for many, awareness requires effort.)
  • Often, not yielding to peer pressure and following your instinct is the right thing to do. But it takes courage to follow your instincts especially your belief contradicts popular beliefs.
  • Accepting misery is a path to joy.
  • Even after so much change, I still haven’t accepted myself just as what I am.
  • I have become, or I am doing, everything I used to hate in the past. Yet, it’s not all that bad.

2 Jun 2014

From a Mike Robbins talk

I listened to a talk by Mike Robbins. Two points that I found interesting from the talk:
  • One of the most selfish things you can do is to be miserable. You’ll make everyone who cares about you unhappy, just by being unhappy yourself.
  • The answer is always a ‘No’ if you don’t ask.