20 May 2012

I like

I like light food that’s easy on the body.  I like machines that don’t make people wait.  I like machines that are predictable.  I like people who are happy.  I like people who think deep.  I like people who keep talking.  I like dogs... and cats, and monkeys, and wolves, and elephants too.  I like novels that are honest.  I like tunes that we wake up remembering.  I like long desert roads.  I like windy hill roads.  I like shady village roads.  I like girls who look pretty.  I like people who are beautiful inside.  I like sleeping on the floor.  I like sleeping 9 hours a day.  I like being awake for longer than a day.  I like repairing broken things.  I like buying gifts for people.  I secretly like walking to work in rain.  I am blessed, for blessed are those whose days are filled with things they like.

19 May 2012

Writing - 2

I just started writing a blog post supporting the restrictions Apple imposes on its products and users.  Halfway through, I rediscovered my disagreement to what Apple does.

This is why I write.  The fuzzy ideas in my head solidify as I write them down.  Often, I’d start writing with some opinion, and I’d have a different opinion when I complete the post.  Paul Graham says that writing is a tool for better thinking; he’s right.

13 May 2012

Indians and their arranged marriages

Just a random thought.  When so many Indians are fine with someone else deciding their wife/husband, how can we expect them to be assertive about other things in life that they’re less concerned about?

Criticisms like “we don’t care enough to vote for the right candidate in elections” are nothing new.  If we are willing to live with a partner that’s assigned to us, won’t we naturally be fine under pretty much any government that’s assigned to us?