20 May 2012

I like

I like light food that’s easy on the body.  I like machines that don’t make people wait.  I like machines that are predictable.  I like people who are happy.  I like people who think deep.  I like people who keep talking.  I like dogs... and cats, and monkeys, and wolves, and elephants too.  I like novels that are honest.  I like tunes that we wake up remembering.  I like long desert roads.  I like windy hill roads.  I like shady village roads.  I like girls who look pretty.  I like people who are beautiful inside.  I like sleeping on the floor.  I like sleeping 9 hours a day.  I like being awake for longer than a day.  I like repairing broken things.  I like buying gifts for people.  I secretly like walking to work in rain.  I am blessed, for blessed are those whose days are filled with things they like.

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