7 Sept 2006

Google helped me to help Yahoo!

I have always wanted to use the *latest* products. I don't generally mind using beta or even alpha versions of software. Here's my experience with Yahoo! Mail Beta and Yahoo! Help. I usually keep my mailboxes open in Firefox. Whenever new mails come to my mailboxes, I don't take long to check them out. Today, when the new Yahoo! Mail beta changed its page title to reflect the arrival of a new mail, I clicked on its Firefox tab to read the mail. There, I found the first bug. The UI was not consistent as you see in this picture. Well.. bugs are not unusual in any software. So, I wanted to report this bug to Yahoo! so that they can do something about this. I clicked on their Help link, and tried to figure out feedback page using their search feature. I typed in "mail beta feedback" as my query. And, here is the result I got: What the heck.. I am not searching for a person named "mail beta feedback." I had to get back to my trusted friend to search for Yahoo's feedback page. Oh yeah.. the first link Google suggested had the information I wanted. Now I understand why "googling" has become a verb in English, while other search companies are still struggling to get their place on the web. Thanks to Google!!


  1. Quite Interesting...

    I'll adopt to use the Beta versions of the upcoming sites/software from Now..

    Thanks for this information..

  2. Did you search in Yahoo! search using the same keywords. Because I did and it worked.

  3. Nope, it doesn't. Try http://in.search.yahoo.com/search?p=yahoo+mail+beta+feedback&fr=FP-tab-web-t909&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8. Maybe you searched Yahoo US? But I find lot of questions like How do I leave feedback for Yahoo Xyz? in Yahoo Answers (which I think is not a good sign).

    (BTW, thanks for spending some time on my blog :-)

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