6 Jan 2010

Mistakes to avoid when wearing contact lenses

I got my contact lens a couple days back, and wearing them every morning is quite a task.  Starting the day with loads of tears in your eyes doesn't always feel good, does it?

In these two days, I've learned a little about wearing contacts.  Here are the most important mistakes I am making.

  • Pulling the finger off too soon.  After I put the lens on the eye's surface, I pull my finger off the eye too soon.  After putting the lens on the eye, I should give it a few seconds for the lens to stick to the eyes.
  • Keeping the finger tip too wet.  If my finger is too wet with the cleaning solution, lens sticks hard to my finger tip and it won't stick to the eye.  I should always wipe my finger tip dry before I touch the lens.
  • Closing the eye too soon.  After I put the lens in my eye, my eyelids close to protect the eye, which is natural.  However, if the eyelids close before the lens settles in the eye, the lens falls off.  Keeping the eye wide open for a little more is the key.


  1. I wore contacts for 20 years. One day a bit of sand flew in my eye and I didn't take the lens out soon enough and scrached my eye. That was very painful. So I wore glasses while that healed, and then went back to contacts. Then as I was putting it in one day I dropped it and stepped on it. That was the end, I went back to glasses. I cannot say I am happier with the way I look in glasses, but my eyes don't get all dried out. I think I saw better with the contacts. Now I am waiting for my cataracts to ripen so I can get the operation and the lens implant and get a pair of glasses that will not be so thick.

  2. @Ruthie,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I have just started wearing contacts, after using glasses for more than 10 years. My eyes get dried up all the time and I have to apply the drops my doctor recommended. Sometimes I even feel like going back to glasses. Maybe I should wait for a little more before deciding on it.

  3. I think you should wait at least a month for your eyes to get accustomed to the lenses. Good luck.
    I think I read that you do something with computers. I'm sure it is complicated. I have trouble just posting a web site. Tell me a bit of what you do.
    Have a good day.

  4. It's been more than 15 days now, and I am starting to feel comfortable with contacts. I guess they'd be fine in another week or two.

    I work as a software engineer. One of the people who build software systems like Blogger, Gmail, Microsoft Word, etc. And yes, it's a little complicated; but it's a lot of fun :)

  5. I'm impressed. I have a problem trying to do a simple web page. I have a bed and breakfast business in the mountains of North Carolina. I had a site on Geo that my daughter made for me many years ago. When they went down and Yahoo took over in Oct. my site got lost. A few weeks ago I managed to do a new site. I think it came out ok, nothing fancy but at least it is up. Now I do not like the picture I put up and in a few days I'll change that.I've done some bigger thing to, but I'll save that for another day.
    Have a good day. Nice to communicate with you.

  6. It was good to talk to you. Wish you the best of luck for your web site and your business.