8 Oct 2007

Suddenly I have a question. About me. Am I a hypocrite? May be. Or may be not. I brag all the time that I respect others. Well, until now I believed that I had respect for others. Now, I am not very sure if I can still say the same thing about me. I use all kind of swear words. Most of the times I don't mean those words when I use them. But, I really do get pissed off when I see some incompetently developed software (which I have to use for some reason). In several posts of this blog, I have complained that some random software developer did something stupid to make me unhappy. One of my colleagues asked me a few days back: "Is there any software that you really like?" when I was cursing Adobe Reader for it's stupid behaviour on the print dialogue. I hate Hyderabad mainly because all the time I have something to complain about the people of Hyderabad. What do this all mean? Do I have no respect for people whom I don't see face-to-face? Am I a hypocrite when I say "I have respect for other people"? Possibly. If you have spent some time with me and you think you have something to say about me/this post, please write back. Oh yes, I encourage you to be brutally honest.


  1. hi, i think i found out your blog at the wrong moment.. all i like or know about u is i think you are so focused and pretty talkative to me - to criticize others ;)
    Fortunately or unfortunately i was with you only for little time..so couldn't answer - 'Am i a hypocrite'.
    read some good posts of yours..

  2. Saw this quote in your post after my comment -> "I know it's very easy to be nice than being true".
    Your are really nice to with this nice quote ;)...Really this one is good.

  3. Thanks Boopathy -- for taking the time to comment on my blog, and for your blog that made me write this post.

    "all i like or know about u is i think you are so focused and pretty talkative to me - to criticize others"
    True. I criticize almost everything on the planet. I think I don't fail to criticize myself whenever I get an opportunity. But I honestly don't know if I use the same scale for me and others.

    "Really this one is good."
    Thanks! I found this in my own experience. Whenever I am not encouraged to be honest, I speak some nice words and leave. That's a much simpler and easier option :)

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  5. I think you are a PERFECTIONIST .... :)

  6. howsweetlavanya:
    LOL.. I bought this t-shirt a few months back: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/generic/894a/.

  7. Naan eppavo anupinatha ippo paartha enna pandrathu :(

    FYI I sent this comment before 15 days