16 Dec 2008

Blind bird

Love is a dark forest.
Walking the woods in dark,
I tried to find the boundaries.

One wise man said
The forest was like our mind.
As vast or as little as we think.

I saw a blind bird pecking grains.
It knows wheat from rice -- but
Can it spell out the difference?

When this fine woman woke me up
I realised I had been sleeping.
And she fed me ripe fruits.

I saw the most beautiful flower.
It was her face.
She spoke words of honey.

I can't leave her ever, I knew.
I gave up my quest, and
Surrendered between her bosoms.

Now I understood the wise man.
And I saw how the blind bird sees.
And I knew love!


  1. Love pandriya! :P (4give me if my tamil is incorrect, but u know wht i'm saying! :P)

  2. Your Tamil is correct only :P