24 Dec 2006

Now I can create my blog posts from Google Docs! Google guys are awesome. Slowly, I am starting to like Google Docs. It didn't interest me much when Google Docs was introduced originally. Since I use many features of Microsoft Word, Google Docs feels like using Notepad with formatting abilities. Yes, I still miss a lot of features I am used to using. But I like Google Docs for at least these reasons:
  • I don't have to save my documents. It's done automatically.
  • Collaborating is really very easy. Multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously. To let someone view my document, all I have to give them is a link. Whenever I update the document, I don't have to send the new version to them; they always get the latest document.
  • I don't have to carry around my files. It's always there in Google servers (with enough backups :-).

Google Docs is in its infancy now. After a few years, I guess, I won't miss Microsoft Word!

PS: I used Google Docs to write this post.

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