15 Jul 2007

Thanks Chinmayi

You wake up in the morning and switch on your computer. You find that there are 95 scraps in your Orkut profile. Many of them are from strangers whom you have never seen and quite possibly won't ever see in your life. How would you respond to those scraps? To be honest, I would just delete my Orkut profile and get away from there. But Chinmayi, the singer, responds to most of scraps (or maybe all of them?). Yesterday I just found her profile in Orkut, and I couldn't resist my want to say a "Hi" to her. I don't know anything about music; I just listen to songs as a not-so-serious hobby. I like Chinmayi because of her voice. After reading her blog and seeing her on Vijay TV, I really started liking her personality. I could even say that I am a fan of her. When I wrote a scrap on her Orkut scrapbook I didn't expect her to respond to my scrap. I know she is very busy. If my assumption is right, Carnatic music practitioners like her do practice daily for at least a couple hours. All the weekends she has concerts. As she is working in the movie industry, most definitely she will have to meet with many important people. Surprisingly, I got a response from her! I was really happy to see her scrap on my scrapbook. When I searched for my scrap in her scrapbook I got the next surprise: 95 new scraps have been written on her scrapbook in one single day! And, she is taking time to respond to my scrap. Most definitely she doesn't know me, I am not ever going to meet her at all in my life. But still she takes the time to acknowledge my message. She has about three blogs and a web site. In addition to these many scraps, she would get comments for her blogs, feedback for her web site, and emails sent directly to her mailbox. All I could think of is that she is a good woman. I want to thank her for the respect she has shown to my message. But this time I just say it here, in my blog -- because I don't want to spam her again. Thanks Chinmayi!


  1. Yeah... on August 1st sunday, i thought to scrap you. Un scrap book-ai open panna....

    "Chiinmayee: thanks" o-o