23 Mar 2008

FLV to MPEG conversion

Did you ever want to convert an .flv file to a more common format (.mpg, for example) but didn't find the correct tool to do that? Did you know that your friendly VLC Media Player can do this conversion?
  1. Start VLC Media Player.
  2. Select File > Open File menu option.
  3. Select the .flv file you want to convert. Select Stream/Save checkbox. Click on Settings button.
  4. Select MPEG 1 as Encapsulation Method and mp1v as Video codec[*].
  5. Select File checkbox and provide an output file name.
  6. Selecting OK will close the dialog box and start the conversion.
* You don't necessarily have to select exactly these options. Play around with different combinations. You may also want to try increasing/decreasing the bitrate.


  1. I did exactly the same as mentioned in your post for .flv to .mpg conversion.. But the output file has no audio in it.. Can u help me..

  2. பிரசன்னா:
    Try selecting the "Audio codec" option also and choose some common format like MPEG. That might help.