11 Feb 2009

Firefox Customizaton

Like most users of current time, I spend most of my time on Firefox, my web browser.  Though I have a number of complaints about Firefox and waiting for the day Chrome is released for Linux, I must say that I love the customizability of Firefox.  In this post I am going to show how I have set up my Firefox.

I have installed the following extensions that make my life easy:
  • Chickenfoot: for automating some really boring tasks (e.g. logging into my Citibank account)
  • Context Search: I can search any text found in a web page using any of my search engines with a few mouse clicks.
  • DownThemAll: A nice download manager for Firefox.
  • Firebug: The awesome JavaScript debugger/developer tool for Firefox.
  • Flashblock: Flash is almost always a pain.  It slows down Firefox if it doesn't crash the browser.  With Flashblock, I can choose to run only those Flash movies that I trust/need.
  • Google Gears: For using Google products offline, including Gmail and Docs.
  • Google Toolbar: For easy access to Google Search, Google Bookmarks, etc.
  • Konquefox: This extension provides a "Clear Addressbar" button that makes typing new addresses easier in Firefox for Linux.
  • No Squint: After installing this extension, my life is much better.  If you would increase the font size when you read text from web pages, this is a must-try for you.
  • NumExt: Provides easy access to tabs by shortcut keys.
  • Stylish: Use custom style sheets for web sites.  If not for anything else, I use it to change Gmail's ugly Arial to Verdana, which is easier on my eyes.
  • Tab Mix Plus: Way too many customization options with Firefox tabs.  One of the essentials for me, can't live without it :)
  • URL Link: Just too lazy to copy-paste URLs and don't like auto-linking.
Toolbar Organization
I have rearranged all the buttons and other controls I'd need in only two rows.  Here is a screenshot of my typical toolbar arrangement (click on the image to see it in original size).
This may not be one of the best or easy-to-use arrangement.  All the controls are crammed into the available space and I know this may not be suitable for many people.  But this works for me, so I like it this way :)

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