18 Mar 2010


If you know me reasonably well, you know that I hate the place I live in now: Hyderabad.  This post is not about why I hate it, but to list out things I like about Hyderabad.

First in the list is electricity.  Since last year, there is a regular 2-hours power cut every day.  But before that, power cuts used to be very rare.  Hardly ever power goes off, and even when it does, it comes back pretty quick.  Sometimes the electricity board here works at completely odd hours to restore the power back.  And the best part is, they don't disconnect your power lines if you don't pay your electricity bill once.  You can not pay the electricity for 2 or 3 months easily (based on how much your bill is, of course).

Second one is the weather.  The wind and breeze especially.  At around 4pm today I went out to next door Barista to eat something.  After a refreshing coffee and chocolate muffin, walking in that breeze towards the office felt really nice.  Riding the bike is a pleasant experience too, because of the winds.

Next on the list is the roads of Hyderabad.  Okay, I must say that I hate the traffic here.  But I like the roads.  They are not the best in the world; but they are pretty good.  There are roads filled with potholes and all that, like everywhere else in India.  But most of the times the roads are good enough.  (When I think about it, most roads in Andhra Pradesh, including state highways, seem to be good.)

Well, that's all, I guess.  When I am super-irritated, maybe I will write the reasons why I hate Hyderabad.  I am sure that would be a longer list ;)


  1. Isn't Hyderabad the city where they built the new Dome-community? what was that place called? Something Oroville.

    I am writing from the States. I've only been to India once and only saw Delhi, Agra Jaipur during my stay.

    You're on the right track listing the things you like about your living situation. The more you notice the good, the more good things come to you. It turns into an avalanche. It works the same way with the stuff you don't like.

    Thank you for creating your blog. I've enjoyed my detour tonight taking me back to India.

  2. Hello Blog Author(s), Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree with you that the more we focus on good things the more good things really happen.

    I think you're talking about Auroville? It's near Pondicherry, which is in the south of India.

    Hope you had a good time in India :)