27 Jun 2010

This day

Last month I was talking to my director at work, and I told him how much I hated Hyderabad and how badly I wanted to leave the city for good.  He said, among other things, that only when things are not going well at work the city gets to you and you want to move out.  That hit me hard, and I started thinking about it.

Now I should say I am really happy with my work as such, and my life in general.  Last night I was sleepy by 9.30pm but suddenly got some idea and sat down to build something that a friend of mine can use in her blog.  That made me sit till midnight or so.  Woke up early this morning.  Tweaked the code I had written last night; spoke to the friend; got some feedback; planned something big for what we were doing.

Then randomly I decided to go to office.  Went to office; helped another friend in his project; did some office work too while I was at it; went out to meet some friends; spent some time out; and now I am home, typing this.  Surprisingly, I was calm and driving responsibly on the road.  My blood pressure didn't rise when the car before me was just too slow.  I didn't cut anyone off in my urge to go past everyone.  I didn't swear much.  When people cut me off I did get irritated, but I didn't go mad like I do nowadays.

Life is suddenly good.

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