29 Aug 2011

What will I be remembered for?

Listening to Swarnalatha's songs always makes me think that I can listen to those songs just for her voice, even if I didn't like the tune or music or lyrics.  Just as I am listening to Muqabla from Kaadhalan, I am thinking that her songs are what people like me would remember her for.

That made me think – what would I be remembered for, if I were to die tomorrow?  I can think of a few.  The programs I wrote for a family friend's hospital.  FotoBlogr.  Maybe some post from one of my blogs, if a friend cared to look for it again.  Maybe two or three sessions I gave in my college, if it inspired at least one person to question their way of learning.  Maybe the Ladder magazine, if anyone still remembered it (even I don't think of it often).  Maybe the inventory program I wrote for Loyal Mills, though I am not sure if it's still in use.

I love Dido's line "you who loved to love, and believed we can never give enough", and I once wanted a friend to associate me with that line.  But now, I guess it'd be more appropriate if I was remembered for the code I write; for the few minutes my code saves for people.  Because, I think I put more of myself in my code than the love I have for people.

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