28 Aug 2012

Some monospace fonts

Being the monospace font freak that I am, I recently found PT Mono and have fallen in love with it.  Turns out, I’ve been liking the PT family of fonts for a while: I have been using PT Sans for this blog’s headings.  You can download PT Mono (and others) for free from ParaType’s web site.

If PT Mono is my newly found attraction, I have been really liking Envy Code R for its extreme readability.  If I had to pick a single monospace font to live with for the rest of my entire life, I’d choose Envy Code R.  You can download Envy Code R for free from Font Squirrel.

If you’re into serif monospace fonts, give Verily Serif Mono a try.  This used to be my favourite font until I stumbled upon Envy Code R.

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