16 Sept 2012

White headphones

At work, we can pick up headphones for free.  You just walk into the place where they’re kept, take one, and walk away.  You don’t have to ask anyone, and you don’t have to tell anyone.  I took a really nice Sennheiser pair a couple weeks ago.  Though they are expensive (about $60), it was painful to use them.  10 minutes into wearing them, my ears would be paining real bad.

I decided I’d just buy a better pair myself.  Being a predictable BoseSheep, I went to Bose (like iSheep buying Apple without thinking).  They had two different models: OE2 and AE2.  OE is on-ear while AE is around-ear.  AE2, when worn, doesn’t even touch your ears so they are more comfortable than OE2.

But I am not a rational buyer... I’ve never been one.  Very often I’d buy things for totally random reasons.  This time I decided to buy the OE2 because that was the only model available in white.  AE2 came in one colour and that was black.  I just cannot buy a black toy when there’s  a white alternative.

Within two days of usage, I don’t like the OE2 because it’s pushing on my ears almost like the Sennheiser.  Unhappily but with no other choice, I go to Bose Store again to return the OE2 and pick up an AE2.  To my surprise, they had white AE2s now!  Bose must have launched these in the two days I had the OE2!  Funny how lucky I get :)

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