8 Jan 2013

Local discount

I walk through Darling Harbour to work everyday.  I’d often stop at Harbourside mall to grab something to eat or a cup of coffee.  It’s been a routine for almost two years now.  Today, as I was walking towards Gloria Jeans, a shop on the way attracted my attention with the sign “Best cappuccino in Darling Harbour”.  I thought I’d try their coffee today.  After ordering my flat white, I noticed that the price wasn’t exactly cheap.  It was $4.80 here, while it’d cost me only $4 in Gloria Jeans, or $3.5 in the shop right next to my home.

I like clearing out my wallet of all coins, and today I had $4.90 in coins in my wallet.  I paid $4.80 in coins, and the shopkeeper asked me, “Do you work here, sir?”.  “No, I work in Pyrmont.  I live in the city, so I walk through this way”, was my response.  He gave 80 cents back and told me that locals get a discount in all shops in the mall.  He said, “When you buy something in this mall, tell them you work here and get a discount.  Even if you’re just walking through, you are eligible.”

You have no idea how pleased I am!

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