23 Nov 2015

Travel jitters

In 2010, I visited Leh, Ladahk and saw the Himalayas for the first time1 in my life. Planning for the trip was a lot of work, but I was so excited it didn’t feel like work. After I had returned, a friend of mine commented that it takes courage to wish a wish and make it happen. Back then I thought no one needs courage for something trivial like travelling.

I have been travelling fairly frequently for over 8 years now. Even now, every trip is a bit daunting. I sometimes even consider cancelling the trip. But every single time, the trip ends up being a great experience, irrespective of whether we have already been to the place several times, or if it’s a totally new place.2

Next week we are off to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving. As usual I feel a little uncomfortable about the trip. It’s going to be cold in Utah; it might even snow. For the first time we are taking a train which provides food; I am not sure how good the food will be. Like every trip ever, the cost seems to run a bit more than what I’d like. I am a little nervous although deep down I know the trip will be a fulfilling experience in the end.

Maybe that friend of mine was right all along. Even simple things like travel takes courage.

1 and the only time so far, although I want to go there again some day.
2 I am often inflexible when friends ask me to reschedule my trips so they can come along. My usual response is “I’ll go alone this time; let’s make a new plan for all of us together.” Often we don’t make a new plan because they often can’t find the right time to travel. It’s always easy to say No, but finding reasons to say Yes makes our days a bit brighter.

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