22 Apr 2020

How big a bag do you need for a 1kg gold bar?

I don’t often go to jewellery shops. The first time I was at a shop exchanging an old gold jewellery for a new one, I had a pretty novel experience. They took our old jewellery and melted it down to a small piece of gold. What was a relatively big piece of wearable shrank to a tiny piece of metal. I held it in my hand, and it was surprisingly heavy for its size! Of course it’s the same weight as the jewellery we gave them, but the smaller size made my brain expect something much lighter.

You can look up the density number on the web and see for yourself. However, I think the image below communicates gold’s density a lot more intuitively. (This is a screenshot from “Coins vs Bars“ video of Strategic Wealth Preservation YouTube channel.) The larger bar in the picture weighs 1kg despite being so small! This is so novel, I want to get a 1kg bar and just keep it with me, like a fancy toy. 😬

Picture showing a 10 ounces (about 283 grams) gold bar and a 1kg gold bar

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