27 Jan 2022

My money management goal for 2022

Ever since I started tracking my expenses in 2019, one thing has been bothering me: I spend more than I earn through regular salary. I am not going broke, though. I have other irregular income too. My total income (salary + irregular) is more than my expenses, so I have some money left over for saving/investing.

This is likely irrational, but I want to spend less than my salary income. Every month I notice that the expenses are more than the salary income, and that stresses me out. As we all know, such a consistent stress is bad for the mind and also bad for the body. And I do notice the impact of this stress.

I don’t know what the solution is. Maybe I can recalibrate the expectations to live within the total income (instead of within the salary income). Maybe I need to come up with a novel way of accounting so that the spending looks healthy. (Reducing expenses is not really an option because I don’t want to downgrade the quality of life.)

I think this is a good money management goal for 2022. What good is money and wealth if you can’t be happy!

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