11 Dec 2007

Arjunaru Villu

Tonight, while coming back from office, my iPod played Arjunaru Villu song from Gilli. That's one of the songs that I love for a few reasons and hate for a few other reasons. I love it because it reminds me of the experience I had in the movie hall when I was watching it. We planned to go to that movie about an hour before the show time. My mom never lets us go for a night show cinema. But I was in Madurai then, so I didn't have to get my parents' permission to go to the movie. We went to the theater by bus. (oh, I love those city buses!) Since it was a Dharani's movie, I didn't expect much from the movie. The first half of the movie was very good. Generally I don't like songs in movies, except for a few songs. I really enjoyed Arjunaru Villu song in the movie. After the interval, maybe because my expectation had grown then, the movie felt crappy. Speaking of that song, I like it because of Vidya Sagar's work on it. The tune, choice of the singer, composition, everything just fits together beautifully. But the lyrics is awful. I especially hate the lines எதிரியைக் கொல்லு இமயத்தை வெல்லு and ஏறு முன்னேறு, இது கரையே இல்லாக் காட்டாறு. (The latter one seems completely illogical -- how can there be a river without banks? Even if such a river exists, we won't call it a river.) Besides all that, I love to drive with that song playing. It's a wonderful experience. Thanks Vidya Sagar!

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