11 Dec 2007

Spam fighting

I know, using hacks is a Bad Thing. But sometimes hack is required. When no clean solution exists, like every other programmer, I use some hacks at least to remain sane. For instance, JobsAhead keeps annoying me all the time with their spam. There is an "unsubscribe" link in the spams they send, but god only knows where on their UI you have to click to get rid of their spam. So I just changed the contact email in my JobsAhead profile to nosuchidiotexists@yahoo.gmail.com. I expect this will block one source of spam. But you know about the job consultants here? They just don't care who you are, what crap (so-called immediate opening at an MNC) they send to you, etc. All they have is a huge pile of email addresses, and they keep spamming everyone all the time. I have a Gmail filter[*] that removes all those crap from my inbox. OK, so here's my advice to you, if you are serious about your email: do not ever let these job consultants know your email address. They will spam you to death. If you want to use any job search service, create a new email address and use that. As soon as your job search is over, you can get rid of that email address without worrying about our beloved job consultants spamming you. TTFN * This is my Gmail filter, if you are interested: Filter criteria: subject:(opening OR openings OR immediate OR interview OR interviews OR requirement OR requirements OR walk-in OR "walk in" OR walkin OR (opportunity job) OR "urgent position" OR "urgent positions") Actions: Apply label "jobspam?" and skip inbox.

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