17 Oct 2008

Forget your perfect offering

Osho says that perfection is death. Anything that is perfect cannot improve any more (because it's already perfect and there is no room for improvement) and it is as good as being dead. Leonard Cohen writes in his song Anthem:
Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There's a crack, a crack in everything. That's how light gets in.
We hear people saying things. We understand the meaning. But there are moments when we see the meaning with your own eyes. I always get such revelation in the mornings -- as soon as I wake up. Today morning I kinda found out something about perfectionism. Yesterday was one of those painful mornings for me. While I was riding to work, I was thinking of so many different things; but they were all centered around one thing -- perfection I wanted to attain. I have always wanted to do and have The Best things in the world. When I used to play cricket, I wanted to be a great bowler whose typical one-day score would look like 10-3-19-4. When I learned to write programs, I wanted to become one of the best programmers about whom kids learn in their "history of computers" lesson. When I was in love, I thought my girl was the best of the bests in the world and that I would once become another Majnun. Yesterday, as I was riding, I thought about the things I have been doing recently. I am not doing my best at work. I myself don't know if my love for that girl was real. I don't know if I ever was/still remain a good friend. At one point I somehow convinced myself that I was just another piece of crap lying on Earth. And it was painful to think that way. Later in the day, work and friends [oh, I have some awesome friends here] made me forget all my idealistic worries and the day was productive. Now, when I think about it, this shirt I bought a year or so ago comes to my mind. I think the shirt kinda reflects who I am -- wannabe perfect, but understands and accepts to fail with a smile.

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