24 Sept 2008

Online Bookshops in India

Buying books has not been all that convenient for me mostly.  I almost always find about new books or authors online.  Doing a Google search would give me more than enough information about the books I might want to buy.  But actually buying them is kinda hard.  I have never liked to go to 3 or 4 physical (conventional) bookshops just to see if they have the book I am looking for.

Until some time back, I used to buy books from Amazon because that's the easiest, although a bit expensive (because of currency exchange, international shipping, etc).  Recently I found that Google Book Search provides links to online bookshops.  For example, Google Books page for Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing provides links for at least 4 Indian online bookshops.

A friend of mine today told me that IndiaPlaza also sells books.  I used to visit IndiaPlaza only for buying electronics.  I never knew they had such a good collection of books.  They have almost all the books of Leonard Cohen, which is quite impressive.

(Thought someone some day might find this page via Google search and maybe it will be useful for them :)

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