23 Sept 2008

IE 8 Beta 2

Just for the heck of it, I started using IE8 second beta today.  The UI is improved and it feels nice.  It has a new feature which groups related tabs together.

I started IE8 and opened YouTube to search for some videos.  From the search results I opened two videos in their own tabs.  I came across a poetic and romantic line in a video, so opened Google Notebook in a new tab to note that down.  After a while I wanted to know more about Leonard Cohen and his works.  Opened a new tab and did a Google search.  From the results, I opened Cohen's home page in a new tab.  Now my tab-bar looked like this:

All YouTube videos are in one group.  Google search results page and Leonard Cohen's site are in one group. Google Notebook is in a separate independent group.  When I am done with watching videos, I can close the entire group with a single click.  That's a cool feature I'd say.

I will try IE 8 for some more time I guess.  It's much slower than both Firefox 3 and Chrome.  But Microsoft has done a lot of improvements to the UI.  Browser war has begun again.  Winner of the previous battle is a bit late to the field now; but I am sure it's gonna get more interesting :)

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