23 Sept 2008

Does Chrome stop responding occasionally?

Does Chrome take a while to respond when you click your mouse or type something?

Short Answer: Close tabs that have Flash content.  (For example, YouTube or any video site, Flickr slideshow, etc.)

Long Answer: I have a habit of keeping so many tabs open always.  I just don't feel like closing my tabs.  For the past few days I had about 3 or 4 tabs with some YouTube videos loaded.  Whenever I close and re-open the browser, my tabs are restored so these pages were always loaded for a few days.  This caused Chrome to become sluggish.  Every now and then Chrome wouldn't respond to my actions for a few seconds.  Suddenly Chrome would freeze and I couldn't click on anything.  I will be typing something on some page and suddenly Chrome would stop taking my text input.  It always comes back in a second or two, but that's enough distraction to hate Chrome.

Today I found that closing all YouTube tabs does really solves this problem.  Maybe some issues with the Flash plugin.  I hope Adobe or Chrome, whosoever is responsible, would fix this problem soon.

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