10 Jun 2009

GPRS/EDGE configuration for Android G1

I just figured out today how to configure Android G1 (aka HTC Dream) phone for using Vodafone India's (formerly Hutch) Mobile Connect GPRS service.  All we need to do is to create an APN with APN set to "www".  For Idea phones the APN is "internet".

Detailed steps for configuration:
  1. From home screen select Menu > Settings
  2. Select Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
  3. Select Menu > New APN
  4. Type any name you like for "Name" field.  I typed Vodafone Mobile Connect.
  5. Enter www for "APN" field.  (You will enter internet if you have an Idea connection.)
  6. Leave everything else to default values.
  7. Select Menu > Save
  8. Select this APN as the default one by touching the red green circle next to its name.  If there is only one APN, that would be selected by default.


  1. Thank you for posting the information. You are absolutely right. I was infact trying to sync my gmail, contacts and calendar using GPRS settings. Even using the browser, I am not able to check gmail or orkut as they are using the HTTPS protocol. Where as I am able to use facebook and other wap enabled sites

  2. I am also facing the same issue. Because I cannot open secure sites I cant synchrosize as well.
    But when I selected the www APN, my internet also stopped working. There will be an icon 'E' on the notification tab when GPRS is active right. It has now dissapeared

  3. I have the same problem with Reliance GSM. It appears to be some weird problem with the Phone. I don't know if the network could be the cause for this.

    Opera mini doesn't connect to anything. And with the stock browser, I can just surf non-secure sites.

    Anyone have a solution to this yet?

  4. Found the problem. It's with Reliance GSM themselves. Tried the same thing with Tata docomo and it worked fine. Something wrong with these reliance buggers.

  5. Hi
    I tried the settings u mentioned but can't access anything on the web. With the regular gprs settings i was only able to browse but with the mobile connect I'm unable to do so. Do i need to activate the mobile connect package from Vodafone?

  6. @Abhiram: Good you have found the problem. (Sorry, I couldn't respond earlier since I was traveling by then.)

    @Sam: If you haven't activated the service yet, you might have to.

  7. Here's the official bug for this problem. Looks like we're not the only ones facing this problem.


  8. @Abhiram: I am definitely not facing the problem mentioned in the bug report you've linked to. I posted this configuration only after it worked well for me.

  9. But you said in your blog that SSL doesn't work i.e. gmail, gtalk etc. Has it started working for you now? On vodafone?

  10. When I used portalnmms as APN and as proxy server I wasn't able to access any secure URL. When I use www as the APN, I can.

  11. Since the last paragraph was only misleading, and didn't add any value to the post, I have removed it from this post.

    1. dear friend im on the newest users of htc dream i have a vodafone sim but i cant connect my phone to gprs i have tried many settings but not to my avail nothing has worked for me call customer care they just couldnt help me plz help me friends.

  12. Cool.. i called vodafone help and they gave me that portalnmms crap.. this works just fine.. Thanks..

  13. @Abhiram,

    I don't really know the real cause; but let me guess.

    Maybe you have Vodafone Live service, but not Vodafone Mobile Connect? Check if you have Mobile Connect activated on your phone and that might solve the problem.

  14. Sorry for the late response. Looks like you're right. I have the Vodafone Live service and Vodafone Mobile Connect is the one which connects to the net. But looks like there's a monthly subscription charge for it. I think I'll stick to the portalnmms thing for now. Thanks for the help!

  15. Guts,
    For Reliance rename the APN from rcomwap to rcomnet.. It worls for me.. voila.. Thanks a lot for this post

  16. @ Ravi Kumar

    even i am using Reliance GSM on HTC Desire. I am facing the same problem with browsing and not apps connecting to net.

    When i changed rcomwap to rcomnet, even the E sign disappeared and i loose the complete gprs connecion

    plz help

  17. do setting as given in
    "Detailed steps for configuration"

    Also Added
    Setting--> APN--> MMC :- 404
    and MNC--> 27

    this work for me.

  18. hey hi..!! i have activated vodafone live.. but still can't use gprs in my g1.. though i followed the instuctions given by the voda operators.. (same as posted in your blog).. can you help??

  19. Hi Vivek, after adding the APN, you will have to select it. (Yeah, it's kinda confusing.) When you see the list of APNs -- more likely just one APN that you added -- you will also see a radio button to the right hand side of the APN. Tap on it to select it as the active APN. Hope that helps.

  20. thnx for reply.. i have selected the apn.. then even tried after restarting the phone.. but nothing helped.. can u guess whts the problem..???

  21. hey manki.. i solved the problem.. nyvzs thnx for the help..!!!!!

  22. hi..!!! can u tell settings for reliance gsm gprs.. for g1.. i m in delhi..

    i tried following settings.. a 3g icon appears on notification bar but can't access internet..

    name: reliance
    apn: rcomwap
    port: 8080(once i tried with blank entry)
    apn type: balnk( also tried "default")
    proxy:yes and blank..

    hope u solve the problem..!!!!

  23. hi......
    i have a HTC G1 android mobile... i use idea network & Apns setting for
    name: idea
    port: blank
    apn type:blank

    i access Google account but i can't access any other application download in my mobile future market option. it still error msg for unsuccessfully download..

    if u have any solution plz reply

    1. Hi Kalpesh, sorry, I have never used Idea. I don't even live in India anymore, so I can't help. Sorry about that.