25 Jul 2009

My experience with T-Mobile Android G1

How long have I been using it?
For about 3 months now.
Do I like it?
Will I swap it for an iPhone?
Will I swap it for the cool new iPhone 3GS?
Why not?
I need a physical keyboard. Plus, I am not a fan of Apple's products
Will I swap it for a Palm Pre (when there is a GSM version of the phone, of course)?
I will, most likely
What do I like in the G1 phone?
  • Touchscreen -- I have always liked touchscreens (but not as the ONLY means to control the device)
  • Android OS -- one of the best phone operating systems I have used
  • Has a decent number of apps available in the market and I can write my own if I want, with free tools
  • Seamless integration with my Google Account and syncing of my contacts with Gmail
What do I not like much?
  • Battery life -- I don't want to remember to charge my phone every night
  • Not so easy to use physical keyboard
  • And a few minor annoyances (but minor annoyances are with every device!)
Will I recommend it to my friend?
Depends on what my friend needs
What will I tell the people who say their G1 phone is slow?
  • Don't run too many apps in the background. I used to run both Google Talk and Meebo running in the background and it made the phone considerably slow. Now I don't do that anymore.
  • Do not enable SSL (or encrypted connections) if you don't really need it. Twidroid especially was apparently sluggish with SSL enabled.
  • Try to use as few widgets on the home screen as possible. Widgets are more or less like background applications. My phone got intolerably slow when I had about 4 widgets on the home screen. (Now I have only one.)
What I wish Android OS had?
Ability to write apps in Python or other some higher level language than Java
Overall, what would I rate my phone, on a scale of 1 to 5?
4. I am very happy with it.

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