30 Sept 2009

Heaven and Hell

After being in Hell[*] for about a week, I ran into Yama.  He asked me how everything was, and I said, "it isn't as bad as I had thought."

"I'm glad to know that," he smiled.

"I wonder how Heaven would be!  It must be awesome to live in there," I said.

Yama chuckled and said, "Will tell you a secret.  It's pretty much the same.  Only it has a different name."

I was surprised to no end by this answer.  I thought for a second and said "Hmm... but I guess people in Heaven would be a hundred times happier than those in Hell."

"That's what even the people in Heaven think.  You know what I think?  Heaven and Hell start at Earth, and they end near their entrances."

[*] I mean Hell in general not the Christian Hell.


  1. But by referring to Yama you are implicitly referring to a Hindu afterlife.

  2. I am not particular about using Yama here; I want someone knowledgeable who "works" in places like Hell and Heaven. Only that I don't know of any other name and I am too lazy to search for one :)

  3. Manki! You can also use St. Peter's name :)

  4. Thanks Ganesh, will remember Peter.

    (Too lazy to edit this post now :D)