8 Nov 2009

Hopping crow

Soon after the car hit the dog
There came some twenty crows.
Some flying, some hopping
They ate the driver's sin.

There I saw the one-legged crow
As he hopped near the dead dog.
He didn't have a wheelchair.
Neither did he skip the queue.

I smiled, clutching my crutches.


  1. are u implying humans give unnecessary reservations for each other?

  2. It's only an observation. You can interpret in the way you like :)

  3. i remember this piece but i certainly don't remember reacting the way i did. its beautiful, that's my reaction now :)

  4. @Nags: Thanks :)

    @Amar: Yes, why not? (Actually, this is nothing new. It's from the Tamil saying கொன்றால் பாவம் தின்றால் போச்சு. I understood its meaning only recently, and used it here.)

  5. I'm amazed to see you say 'Driver's sin'. But I thought you wont believe in that. You believe the chaos.

    That may not be a kill on purpose. So there may not be any sin.

    why word verification? pre-caution? :)

  6. Ah, yes, that's a really good point. I really don't know if I believe in sin. I just go back and forward. I believe in everything that's convenient for that time ;)

    Word verification is in place to stop spam comments. I really hate these word verifications, but without them I'd get some 30-odd emails every day, all of them spam. Blogger should improve on this, really.