19 Nov 2009

Random Thoughts: Self-pity and worries

This is a note I am writing to myself.  You may not want to read it.

"Frame every so-called disaster with these words: In 5 years, will this matter?" is one of Life's 45 Lessons.  I want to add one more view-point to the so-called disasters.  I want to ask myself whenever I am worried about something, "If I will die tomorrow, is this worth worrying about now?"

Like a wise man once said, we worry because that makes us feel good (yes, feel good).  Self-pity is an addiction you wouldn't usually want to get rid of.  Like most addictions, self-pity also does undesirable things to us in the long run.  So I'm gonna tell myself that self-pity is for people who don't care, but I do care about myself.  I'm gonna ask myself these two questions as soon as I become conscious that I am worrying.

I am writing this down here, on my public blog because I want to remember this choice I am making now.  So, no more self-pity, Kanna.  And remember the questions.

1 comment:

  1. I have this issue of self pity and its getting chronic as days go by. I am conscious of it but still struggling..