9 May 2010

U turn

I saw an alien today.  An alien that looks and speaks exactly like humans.  An alien that can ride motorbikes that we humans use.  Don't believe it?  Read this flashback:
The traffic signal turns red and no one would stop.  The cop "regulating" the traffic shows stop sign to them all, but only the inflow of traffic from the other side could stop people.

There's just enough space for one bike in the right extreme of the road, besides a Hero Honda Splendor, and I stop my bike there.  As soon as I stop I hear a honk from behind me.  Without caring much, I switch off the engine.  The honks won't stop and the Splendor guy next to me gives in and moves his bike aside to let the impatient bike move along.

Some fat dude on a measly Yamaha R15[*] comes near me and stops.  I look at the R15's dash and it looks quite nice with its white back-lit display.  "Horn suntha hi nahin kya?" (or something along those lines), he asks me.  I give a blank stare and turn my face again to the signal light.

"Are you not hearing my horn sound?" he persists on getting an answer from me.

"It's red."

"I want to go this side.  I am taking a U turn."

"You are not supposed to take a U turn when it's red."

"Who said you cannot?  Go and read the traffic rules!"

Awestruck, I am at loss for words.  The signal soon turns green and I leave the place.

Only after a few minutes I realise that I had been talking to someone who is driving in this planet following traffic rules of some other planet!  I didn't even ask him/her which planet he/she from.  Damn!

[*] I call the R15 measly because it's small in physical size.  I know it has a powerful engine, designed for race track and all that.

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