17 May 2010

Things I've discovered about myself

  • I fear the unknown; I fear the new.
  • Though I like Advaita's philosophy, a part of me is a devoted believer.
  • I am superstitious in multiple ways.
  • I am insanely optimistic.
  • I extremely care about whole eating experience.  It's not hard to make me skip a meal.
  • I quit easily.
  • I think slow (at times); I eat slow; I read slow.
  • I think fast (at times); I walk fast; I code fast.
  • I can honestly repeat these words of Cohen.
  • I am a fan of myself.
  • I like to generalize; I like to philosophize.
  • I don't like to receive orders; I don't like to explain myself.
  • I am a hypocrite (at times).

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