26 Oct 2010

Living on the cloud

This is why I'm excited about Chrome OS.  Right now on my computer, 11 out of 13 open windows are browser windows.  5 out of 8 quick launch shortcuts are to web apps, 2 out of the remaining 3 shortcuts are to web browsers.  A big chunk of my life is already on the web :)


  1. What about the other 2 windows and 3 quick launch icons?

  2. Other two windows are Konsole and Kate. I don't miss command line terminal on my Android phone, and I am hoping that would be the case with Chrome OS too. I use Kate as a scratch pad. I am sure I can find good a web app for using as a scratch pad.

    2 out of 3 quick launch icons are to browsers. The remaining one is to Dolphin, which is the file manager on KDE systems. Since Chrome OS systems won't have any "files" (like Android), I won't need that either.