2 Oct 2010

Why social?

I was 12 or 13 when Badsha was released.  A few weeks after the movie release, I went to Tirunelveli with my father.  We were there for some work, which got over by afternoon.  Before returning to Kovilpatti (where we were living then) my father and I went to watch a movie.

"Shall we go watch Sadhi Leelavathi?" my father asked me.  But I wanted to watch Badsha.  Not because I liked Rajini Kanth.  In fact, I have never liked him.  Even as a kid I liked Kamal Hassan more than Rajini Kanth.  My father of course knew better and we went to Sadhi Leelavathi.  The movie was hilarious, but I was probably the only person who didn't laugh in the theater.  When I saw Sadhi Leelavathi later on, after I was over with being pissed with my father for not taking me to Badsha, I really loved it.  But on that day, I wanted to watch Badsha first because all my friends had seen that movie and they were all talking about it in the class.

Likewise, I haven't seen many movies in IMDB's top 250 list.  But today I watched Loins of Punjab because my friend Chenthil suggested it (and loved the movie, by the way).  Only now I understand why "social" is such a buzzword and every company wants to make their products more social.  Earlier maybe social wasn't possible, or no one thought about it.  Now, we don't care much what Experts Opinions are, but we want to what our Friends Opinions are.  I must say I am liking this change.

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