5 Mar 2011

My dream tablet

Yes, I said I want a free tablet.  If I am only wishing, I'd rather wish a detailed wish ;)  I want a tablet that:
  • has cellular data connectivity
  • has an LED screen, preferably something like a retina display
  • has a screen with matte finish (original iPad doesn't make the cut; not sure if iPad 2 does)
  • has a reasonably big screen (7-inch screens don't make the cut)
  • blends well with my online life, IOW, integrates well with Google services (i.e. runs Android)
  • lets me read and write Tamil (Android, as of version 3.0, doesn't make the cut)
  • is lightweight (Xoom doesn't make the cut)
  • has a really good battery life (10 hours usage time sounds pretty good)
  • has a scratch resistant screen (gorilla glass, e.g.)

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