22 Nov 2011

Chrome’s Duplicate Tab feature

Have you used “Duplicate Tab” feature of Chrome?  If you right-click on a tab and select Duplicate, a new tab with the contents and history of the current tab is created.  I use it in the following case:
- I am on Page A.
- I click on a link.  Now I am in Page B.
- I have to do something that requires looking at both Pages A and B.

Now I can duplicate the current tab, which would give me two tabs with Page B.  I can press Back in any of the two tabs to get back to Page A.

I stumbled upon an easier way to use this feature today.  Instead of duplicating the tab first and then clicking Back on the new tab, I can Ctrl+click on the Back button to open a duplicate tab and go back in history one step.  Works with Shift+click as well, but as you may expect it opens the duplicate tab in a new window.

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