5 Nov 2011


I kept thinking why I hate Shankar’s movies when I can enjoy Perarasu’s movies.  It’s weird because Perarasu’s movies can easily make the “Stupidest Tamil Movies Ever” list.  Compared to Perarasu’s movies, Shankar’s movies have at least some quality.

I guess the issue is just that: Shankar’s movies have some quality.  Perarasu’s movies are plain trash from start to end.  Shankar, because he’s better at his craft than Perarasu, makes me subconsciously expect more from his movies.  And I get annoyed when the movie doesn’t really meet the expectation.  Perarasu’s movies are so bad, 30 minutes into the movie I have no expectation whatsoever... so whatever he does gets accepted.

You can think of it this way.  Not having sex can be depressing.  But having to stop in the middle can be even more so.

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