18 Dec 2011

Rest in peace

I see people — mostly westerners — that are religiously scientific.  The kind that wants to say aloud that religions are all bullshit and science is the only thing that’s worth believing in.

When someone dies, everyone — people who follow “conventional” religions (e.g. Christianity) as well as those that follow the “science religion” — uses the phrase “rest in peace”.  Isn’t that “incorrect” for a science believer to use that phrase?  I mean, what’s left of the dead person to rest in peace?


  1. True.

    I feel that sticking to any particular belief - in religion or in scientific theory - it's all the same. You've closed your mind. An atheist is as much a believer as a priest. They just believe in different things.

    What's needed is an open minded approach to new ways of perceiving things. That's evolution.

  2. "An atheist is as much a believer as a priest."

    Very true. Questioning and examining the truth of different theories is one, opposing theories you don't believe in is quite another.