7 Jan 2012

How we accept gifts in my family

Since the time I remember, I have never seen people of my family use formal words in conversation.  By “family” I mean extended family: everyone who’d come down if there’s a celebration at my house, for instance.  If a relative gifts me something, I wouldn’t say “thanks”... that just isn’t the way you accept a gift.

This clip from Aadukalam movie reminded me of that way of accepting gifts.  Probably because I grew up seeing it, this seems like a more graceful way of accepting a gift than thanking for it.  Even today I avoid thanking people in my family... it just doesn’t feel that good to say thanks :)

(In the video, the guy is gifted a ring.  He accepts it just with a remark “it’s good”.)


  1. haha, same thing happens in my family too. Also, the opposite will happen, no one will hesitate to say it if they didn't like it. 'Eh! Nallave Ille!'

  2. Oh yeah. My mom has exchanged her gifts several times by taking them directly to the shop (with the purchase receipt).