9 Mar 2012

When to get your eyes tested: before work or after?

Over the past few months, I have been observing something.  At mornings, when I enter work, my vision is blurred.  This usually means I need to change my glasses because the power has changed.  However, when I leave work at evenings, my eyesight would be like normal... as if I am wearing the right glasses.

I asked my optometrist today about this and he said it’s because my eye muscles are a bit too tired to squint enough at mornings.  As the day goes by, the body gets more energy and the eyes squint more easily.  What this means is I should always schedule my eye tests at mornings, when my eyes are more natural.

(All this while, I’d been scheduling the tests at evenings, after work.  And almost always I was a bit dissatisfied with new glasses.  This is probably the reason.)

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