23 Jul 2012

Kovilpatti boy

It’s been 5 weeks since I came to India.  I have been living in our new house since my arrival, and it’s been pretty good.  Wide open sky with almost no light pollution.  This time of the year is usually windy, and I quite like the weather.  Being with my family has always made me happy.

Went out on my bike (a motorcycle) to a few places.  Even after seven years, I think my bike is pretty good and I like it the same.  The reason for the possessiveness I have about the bike and my riding gear has been unfathomable.  I just don’t want to share them with anyone!  Have a slightly longer ride coming up tomorrow; looking forward to it.  Want to take some pictures during the trip too; let’s see how that works out.

I would have liked to be a bit more productive at work, but the lack of productivity hasn’t made me very unhappy.  My mind keeps telling me that this is my place.  I really want to come back here and start living here again... like the Kovilpatti boy that I am.  There’s something magical about this place... maybe.

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  1. Dear Kovilpatti boy. I can resonate. When I smell the air at the airport in Bangalore, I just know I've arrived. My heart beats at a different pace, and suddenly there is a 220V brightness in my eyes. I have my bike from 1997, its a girl's bike, a quaint all black kinetic honda. Within 24 hrs of my landing, I make sure shez working alright. I wouldn't sell the bike even if it gives me just 10Kmpl. Nobody would take that bike for free either. I keep saying its memory laden, but then yeah the real reason is they have stopped making 110cc kinetic "hondas" anymore. There is something magical about India ..... Sigh